GSLF-Ex. Comm. Submitted a Report on Hate Speech by the Pro-LTTE Tamil Diaspora at the UNHRC

GSLF-Ex. Comm. Submitted a Report on Hate Speech by the Pro-LTTE Tamil Diaspora at the UNHRC

The Global Sri Lankan Forum – Executive Committee (GSLF-Ex. Comm.) have been in attendance of UNHRC sessions since 2016, defending the Sri Lankan case before the international community. The primary task of the GSLF-Ex. Comm in the UNHRC is to discredit the bogus allegations brought by the pro-LTTE Tamil terrorists against security forces of Sri Lanka, who successfully wiped out Tamil terrorism in Sri Lankan soil. The Tamil diaspora uses the UNHRC as a forum to propagate their bogus allegations not only against the Sri Lankan security forces, but against the Sri Lankan government, its legal system as well as the Sinhala Buddhist community in Sri Lanka.  It was regretfully noticed by the GSLF-Ex. Comm. that the Sri Lankan diplomats attending the UNHRC sessions maintain an unusual silence in front of these bogus allegations made by the Tamil diaspora, its front-foreign organizations and individuals, such as Yesmeen Zooka.

As the Sri Lankan diplomats in Geneva and Foreign Ministry of Sri Lanka are not taking constructive preventive measures in diplomatic protocol, the GSLF-Ex. Comm has taken over the task to collate the lies, bogus allegations and hate speech made by pro-LTTE Tamil terrorists sympathizers, disguised as UNHRC-approved NGO, and compiled a comprehensive report entitled “Lies, Misinformation, Twisting of Facts and Hate Speech by LTTE-Backed Organizations at UNHRC during the 41st Session July 2019, Geneva”

The report is a comprehensive collection of several instances of hate speech made by various non-Tamil individuals and Tamils representing various pro-LTTE Terrorist-front organizations.

The report was handed over to the officials of UNRHC by Mr. Eric Makawitage, the president GSLF-Ex, Comm. Swiss branch at the UNHRC in Geneva on 23rd Sep. 2019 in line with the 42nd UNHRC session.

Mr. Jayaraj Palihawadana (GSLF-UK), Chathura Amantha (GSLF-UK), and Senaka Rajapakse (GSLF-Poland) attended at the report handing over meeting.

The report will further be given to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Sri Lanka, other decision making arms in the Sri Lankan government and all members countries of the UNHRC.

The report submitted to the UNHRC is as follows;