GSLF-Ex. Comm. met with SL Foreign Minister in Geneva

GSLF-Ex. Comm. met with SL Foreign Minister in Geneva

On 28th Feb. 2020, the Global Sri Lankan Forum – Executive Committee members (GSLF-Ex. Comm.) had a very successful meeting with Sri Lankan Foreign Affair Minister Mr. Dinesh Gunawardana and the Secretary of Ministry of Foreign Affairs Mr. Ravinatha Ariyasinghe and, acting permanent representative and staff of Sri Lanka mission in Geneva along the 43rd UNHRC sessions in Geneva. The meeting was held in the office of Sri Lankan mission in Geneva.

Mr. Eric Markevitage, the president of GSLF-Ex. Comm. (Switzerland) had given a detailed introduction of the GSLF-Ex. Comm. while Mr. Jayaraj Palihawadana, the Secretary of GSLF-Ex. Comm.(UK) had made a presentation covering all past, present and future activities carried out by GSLF-Ex. Comm. in UNHRC and what GSLF-Ex. Comm. expecting from the present government in order to enrich the activities and campaigns that are carried out by the GSLF-Ex. Comm. in Geneva to strengthen the Sri Lankan position.

During the meeting, the Executive Members of the GSLF had handed over a delegation pack which contains the reports, publications and similar works carried out by GSLF-Ex. Comm. during last four years to the Minister and Secretary of the Ministry for their references and following up matters related to UNHRC issues.

Mr. Ranil Jayanetti and Mr. Brain Basnayake, representing the GSLF-Ex. Comm. (Switzerland) had explained the ministerial delegation about the countering LTTE allegations in the EU and empathized the importance of answering the OISL allegations.

Eric Markevitage (Switzerland), Jayaraj Palihawadana (UK), Rani Jayaneththi (Switzerland), Brian Basnayake (Switzerland) attended representing the GSLF-Ex. Comm.

Meeting with Minister of Foreign Affairs and GSLF-Ex. Comm. in Geneva, Switzerland

The Secretary of GSLF-Ex. Comm. (UK) Mr. Jayraja Palihawadana and Mr. Eric Markevitage  GSLF-Ex. Comm. (Switzerland) are handing over the delegation pack of GSLF-Ex. Comm. to the Foreign Minister and his delegations at the meeting held in Geneva , Switzerland.